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The Weekend Vasectomy Clinic was founded in 2014‭ ‬on a simple premise‭ ‬–‭ ‬provide patients with a high-demand procedure at a time that is most convenient for them‭. ‬Since 2014‭, ‬we have performed over 10,‬000‭ ‬vasectomies‭. ‬We are now helping independent physicians enhance their revenue opportunities by developing a Weekend Vasectomy‭ ‬Clinic within their existing practice‭.‬

The Weekend Vasectomy Clinic is a specialty clinic that produces a high-volume of vasectomies on Friday afternoons or Saturday mornings‭. ‬This allows patients time to recover over the weekend and return to work on Monday‭. ‬New Weekend Vasectomy Clinic doctors generally perform 2‭ ‬vasectomies per hour‭.

Doctors who are new to the Weekend Vasectomy Clinic generally perform one to two vasectomies per hour. With practice performing back-to-back vasectomies, it is easy to achieve three to four vasectomies per hour. High-volume clinics typically complete 12 to 16 vasectomies per provider in a four-hour period.


Joining our team at the Weekend Vasectomy Clinic will enhance your existing practice‭. ‬We do the marketing to grow your vasectomy‭ ‬patient base and drive new patients to your practice‭. ‬We generate and screen every vasectomy lead‭. ‬Our board-certified urologists will coach you on the most recent no-needle‭, ‬no-scalpel technique‭, ‬which is quick and less invasive and allows for the quickest recovery for your patients‭. ‬


A high-volume vasectomy clinic will be among the highest compensated time you spend in your medical practice‭. ‬A typical primary care provider completes 16‭ (‬99213‭) ‬office visits in four hours generating approx‭. $‬1,440‭ (‬16‭ ‬X‭ $‬90‭). ‬A typical Weekend Vasectomy Clinic completes 10‭ ‬vasectomies‭ (‬55250‭ & ‬99203-57‭) ‬in four hours generating approximately‭ $‬6,340‭ (‬10‭ ‬X 634‭)‬‭*. ‬

*Based on a yearly average of procedures completed at current Weekend Vasectomy clinics


We generate the patients. You perform the procedure.


We train your prroviders on how to perform the no-needle, no-scalple technique

Clinic Operations

With minimal staff, you can turn your regular clinic into a high-volume, vasectomy-only clinic. We’ll train your staff how to efficiently operate the vasectomy clinic in a way that will produce some of your most profitable time in clinic.


Our proven marketing methods genarate the patients so that all you have to do is show up. A typical Weekend Vsaectomy Clinic services four patients per hour per provider.

Ancillary Revenue

The comfort products to help patients through the recovery process provide an important source of ancillary revenue.

Becoming a Physician Partner

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