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Questions About Vasectomy

Getting a vasectomy is an important choice. We want to answer any questions that you have to help you feel comfortable with the procedure. Here are answers to some of the most common questions we receive from patients.

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Is a Vasectomy Right for Me?
If you are at the stage in life that you know you are not wanting any more children, then vasectomy is a great option for you. It provides lifelong protection against unintended pregnancies. The procedure is simple and easily performed in the office setting.
Will it Hurt?
At the Weekend Vasectomy Clinic, we specifically utilize a no-needle and no-scalpel technique. While no technique for vasectomy can eliminate all discomfort, the no-needle and no-scalpel technique minimizes this more than any other technique. Most often our patients tell us they feel no more than a slight pinching of the skin. The no-needle technique almost instantly numbs the skin and vas deferens.
How Effective is the Vasectomy?
Vasectomy is the most effective of all choices for long-term birth control. It is a simpler procedure and less expensive than a tubal ligation. Failure rates are approximately one in 2,000. You are not considered sterile until you have a specimen evaluated that shows no sperm. However, once there is no sperm, vasectomy is very effective as a long-term option.
How Does a Vasectomy Compare to Other Forms of Birth Control?

In today’s world of plug and play devices, vasectomy can be considered the plug and play option for birth control. Once you are sterile there are no additional worries. Vasectomy compares favorably to all other forms of birth control as far as effectiveness.Having a vasectomy does not protect against sexually transmitted disease, but is more effective than condoms that offer some protection against a sexually transmitted infection. Vasectomy is less invasive and less costly than tubal ligation performed on females—and let’s face it guys, the women have done enough by having the kids.

Birth control pills are effective, but not as effective as a vasectomy. There have been links to clotting disorders in females who are over the age of 35 or who smoke who use birth contorl pills. Oral contraception can also affect libido in women.

What is the Recovery Like?
For the majority of men, the recovery is a few days of discomfort followed by a couple of weeks of getting back to complete normalcy. It is rare to have any long-term discomfort after vasectomy. In fact, the majority of our patients tell us that they are back to normal activity in just a few days and back to a complete return of activity within a couple of weeks.
What Does the Procedure Involve?

Vasectomy is a simple office-based procedure. On the day of your procedure, you can expect to arrive at the office about 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment. You will undergo a consult during which all of your questions will be answered. You will then have the skin prepped.It is preferred that you shave the area of the scrotum in the middle close to where the penis and scrotum meet. You will then have numbing medicine placed with a no-needle technique. This will feel like picking a hair or a pinch of the skin. You will receive enough of the local anesthesia to not feel any sharp pain during the rest of the procedure. You will then have the vas deferens isolated from the surrounding tissue, and the vas will be clipped and divided with a small segment being removed. You will then have the ends sealed with cautery. You can expect this will take around 10-15 minutes for both sides.

Finally, you will have a dressing placed on the site and you will be given a bag of ice as well as a prescription for pain medication. You will be asked to take it easy for a few days. At the Weekend Vasectomy Clinic, if there is ever a concern after your vasectomy, you can always come back in for a no-charge consultation for any complications or concerns.

Does it Affect Sexual Performance or Enjoyment?

Vasectomy only blocks the flow of sperm through the channel called the vas deferens. This does not in any way affect the production of the male hormone testosterone which is what determines libido or sex drive. As the testicles only produce around 3-5% of the volume of the ejaculation, there should be no noticeable decrease in ejaculatory volume either. Overall, there is a temporary increase in some discomfort with intercourse, possibly for the first few ejaculations, but then it is back to the same as it was before the vasectomy. Many men feel like sex is better after the vasectomy since there is no concern about pregnancy.

Are There Long-term Side Effects?
The simple answer is no. The longer answer is that there is a very rare occurrence of chronic testicular discomfort after a vasectomy. It is rare to have any chronic pain and it should not deter a man from a vasectomy if he is ready to make this choice.
Why Should I Consider Vasectomy?
Vasectomy is the only form of male birth control that leads to effective long-term sterilization. Other forms of male birth control can be cumbersome and are not as effective at preventing pregnancy. Vasectomy is less expensive and safer than the female option of tubal ligation.
How Long Does the Procedure Take?
The procedure itself typically is between 10-15 minutes. The consult often takes longer then the procedure!

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