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Vasectomy Pricing and Payment Options

Are you considering a vasectomy and wondering about the associated costs? Look no further. Our comprehensive guide breaks down the expenses involved in getting a vasectomy, ensuring you have all the information you need to make an informed decision. At Weekend Vasectomy Clinic, we are committed to providing transparent information about the cost of vasectomies. Our experienced team is here to answer your questions, discuss financing options, and guide you through the process.

Insurance Reimbursement

We accept most major insurance carriers.* Once you provide all of your insurance information, our associates will verify coverage, and will inform you prior to your appoint of the amount of any out-of-pocket or deductible amount for which you’ll be responsible.

If your insurance does not cover Weekend Vasectomy Clinic, it is possible that your health insurance provider may reimburse you for the cost of the vasectomy procedure, depending on the particulars of your health insurance coverage. We are willing and able to help you determine whether your coverage will provide reimbursement, and complete the paper work necessary to receive reimbursement. If you would like our assistance in seeking reimbursement, please ask about it when you schedule your appointment.

*Not all Weekend Vasectomy Clinic locations accept the same insurance plans.

Self Pay

By maintaining a competitive rate and offering several payment options, at the Weekend Vasectomy Clinic, we strive to offer payment options to match your budget. We also allow you to pay with cash, check, credit card, flex-spending accounts and health savings accounts.


Price at Date of Service**


Three-month Payment Plan**

**Comfort products not included.

Comfort Products

The potential for pain and discomfort are the biggest worries of any man considering a vasectomy. That’s why we have developed a series of options to make your vasectomy as comfortable as possible. From a little assist during the vasectomy procedure to helping you not feel a thing, the comfort products make both the vasectomy procedure and post-vasectomy recovery as pain free as possible. Comfort products are not included in the price of the vasectomy and are not covered by insurance.

The Weekend Vasectomy’s comfort products include:

  • Exparel: For a nearly pain-free recovery
  • Nitrious Oxide: Anesthesiad for the vasectomy procedure
  • Compression Shorts: Keeps blood flowing for a quicker recovery
  • Mail in Specimen Kit: Mail your specimen to a lab instead of bringing it to the clinic.

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Understanding the Cost of a Vasectomy


Consultation and Procedure

At the Weekend Vasectomy, we provide a same-day consultation and procedure package. The standard fee includes the consulutation, the medical provider’s fee and local anesthesia and the no-needle, no-scalpel procedure.


Comfort Products

You have the option of purchasing additional comfort products to help you with pain management for the days following your vasectomy. Comfort products are not typically covered by insurance, but can make your recovery as smooth as possible.


Sterility Analysis

You are not considered sterile until you have had sterility confirmation of at least two semen samples. The first should be taken at least six weeks and 25 ejaculations after your vasectomy. The second sample should be provided an additional two weeks after the first sample. If you bring a sample to the clinic (available only on certain clinic days), your sterility analysis is included in the cost of the vasectomy. However, if you prefer to not bring a sample to the clinic, you may also purchase a mail-from-home kit, which will provide you with everything you need to take a sample and ship it to a lab for sterility confirmation.


Post-procedure Assistance

You can expect some swelling and discomfort after your vasectomy. You may experience minimal bleeding and bruising at the vasectomy site. If you are experiencing moderate to severe swelling or pain, call us at XXX.XXX.XXXX.

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