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DJ DB Before and After his Procedure at the Weekend Vasectomy Clinic

June 19, 2018 8:13 pm Published by

ROCK 106.7’s DJ DB got a Father’s Day Fix at the Weekend Vasectomy Clinic! Listen here for a firsthand perspective from a vasectomy patient on all of your concerns and questions, whether you’re looking into the procedure or prepping for the big day.

Before the procedure

Listen to DB’s pre-vasectomy thoughts here:


“I’m excited to be a part of a place like this,” said ROCK 106.7’s DJ DB. He appreciated the convenience of being able to take care of something that is normally inconvenient over one weekend. Don’t want to have an awkward conversation with your boss or miss workdays? The Weekend Vasectomy Clinic takes care of these issues and more. The process is quick, easy, and effective, making it an ideal option for any man looking for permanent birth control.

After the procedure

Here’s what DB and Dr. Parkinson had to say after the procedure:


“The one thing to take away from this: it was no big deal,” said ROCK 106.7’s DJ DB. He saw for himself that the decision to get a vasectomy is harder than the procedure, and the professional staff at the Weekend Vasectomy Clinic makes patients feel at ease and prepared. Many men overthink the consequences of a vasectomy with ideas of pain and long-lasting recovery, but patients who experience the Weekend Vasectomy approach know that it truly is a quick and easy procedure and recovery.

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